MetalDays 2021 – tickets on sale now!

MetalDays in Slovenia has been cancelled for the currently obvious reason, but like many other festivals they're keeping the ball rolling and planning their comeback in 2021. With the aim of getting as many of the 2020 acts to recommit as possible, tickets purchased for this year's event are valid for next year (this includes … Continue reading MetalDays 2021 – tickets on sale now!

2018 Crew Review: Iain “Mosh” Purdie – Editor in Chief

Well I guess it's my turn to rattle off some thoughts on 2018. On a personal note, it's been a tricky year and also a very busy one for many reasons. "Real work" has picked up, meaning I've had to juggle / pass off Moshville Times duties to Ross for significant periods of time. So … Continue reading 2018 Crew Review: Iain “Mosh” Purdie – Editor in Chief

MetalDays 2018: Day 7 and wrap-up

By this stage you'll probably be sick of a list of bands so I'll just rattle through the handful I caught through a haze of Laško. On New Forces, Asylum Pyre and Copia both impressed, while main stage act Death Alley from The Netherlands didn't quite get the audience they deserved for their fuzzy hard rock. Two-man … Continue reading MetalDays 2018: Day 7 and wrap-up

MetalDays 2018: Day 6

After running / crawling up a hill in the morning, I grabbed some lunch and headed to the festival arena for what was without a doubt my busiest day. The sun was shining strongly, and the bands today were guaranteed sweaty crowds... even before they took the stage! On the New Forces stage, I unfortunately … Continue reading MetalDays 2018: Day 6

MetalDays 2018: Day 5

A quick band round-up today as I managed to rattle round all three stages a couple of times. I didn't get to the festival as early as I'd hoped as I was writing up the last couple of days' events! When I arrived, Saille were giving it large on the second stage, but I was focused … Continue reading MetalDays 2018: Day 5

MetalDays 2018: Days 3-4

With the main stage and second stage both kicking off on the Monday, I spent a fair bit of time getting a proper feel for Metal Days and surprisingly little watching bands! The already busy venue was obviously filling up even more, and the atmosphere got even better. It's impressive that some people had, by … Continue reading MetalDays 2018: Days 3-4