Tuesday, July 7, 2020
GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Album Review: Conception – State of Deception

Another album that’s already out, but our review copy got held up for Covid-related reasons, is Conception’s first full-length release in over 20 years. They’re actually one of the first bands I ever got promotional albums from, way back when [...]

July 7, 2020 Album Reviews

Album Review: Extinctionist – Obsidian

I’ll be honest, I picked this one out for review as I love the album sleeve (very different to, but just as good as my other favourite so far this year, The Others’ Haunted). It’s pure 90s thrash/metal with a [...]

July 6, 2020 Album Reviews

Album Review: Minatox69 – Collapse

Another review we’re playing catch-up with due to Covid-related delivery issues! Hailing from northern Italy, Minatox69 throw together angry, thrashy songs and Collapse is their fourth release as far as I can gather (two previous albums and an EP). Their [...]

July 6, 2020 Album Reviews

Album Review: Vader – Solitude in Madness

Ever efficient death metal legends Vader have another killer release under their studded belts. After putting out killer new material almost every year it’s time for a new LP, the band’s not so unlucky 13th, for a new dark age [...]

July 3, 2020 Album Reviews

Album Review: Bury Tomorrow – Cannibal

British metalcore quintet, Bury Tomorrow, have released their sixth album, Cannibal. When they gained the attention of metal fans across the world, they were adamant and explicit in their belief that metalcore was still relevant, despite the press making it [...]

July 3, 2020 Album Reviews

Album Review: Night Fighter – Unholy Sepulchre

In recent years, Scotland has been becoming a hotbed of awesome metal talent. Enter one of the latest additions to the Scottish scene: Glasgow’s poser-killing, deathrashing black speed metal one-man-band – Night Fighter! Forming last year, Night Fighter has wasted [...]

July 3, 2020 Album Reviews