Wednesday, January 23, 2019
GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Album Review: Swallow The Sun – When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light & Lumina Aurea

I’ve been aware of Swallow The Sun for a number of years but like Dark Tranquility, I’d not really paid much attention to them. I’d listened to their albums through a few times but for some odd reason I’d never [...]

January 18, 2019 Album Reviews

Album Review: Fever 333 – Strength in Numb333rs

Fever 333 are apparently the “next big thing” having surprised people with festival appearances and an EP release last year. Such is the problem with receiving a ridiculous amount of new music each day (8000+ albums/EPs last year…), they’re one [...]

January 17, 2019 Album Reviews

Film Review: Mind Over Matter

“Music is life, wrapped up into beautiful little notes.” – Brandon Mendenhall It seems like films to review are like buses. You wait ages then two come along at once, only these buses couldn’t be any more different. Recently I [...]

January 15, 2019 DVD/Blu-Ray Reviews

EP Review: Prismeria – Lost Individual Thoughts

I’ve been sat on this one for a while – apologies to the band – due to “real life”, but it’s time to catch up and give you a rundown on this 6-track release from French metal act Prismeria. They’re [...]

January 15, 2019 Album Reviews

Album Review: MZ412 – In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi

You all know that I love my death metal but my other passion is a musical genre called dark ambient. Imagine sounds from field recordings, dark drones that bring a claustrophobic atmosphere. There are some people though that have to [...]

January 14, 2019 Album Reviews

Album Review: Zombie Met Girl – Super Atomic Werewolf Chicks on Motorbikes

The UK is vibrant with up and coming bands that are still unheard by the general metal fan. Some of these bands deserve recognition for trying something different and having the ability to write songs that get you off your [...]

January 12, 2019 Album Reviews