New Band of the Day: For The Kill

For The Kill
For The Kill

Thanks to Phil for getting in touch to let me know about the band he plays for, For The Kill. They’re a 5-piece rock/metal outfit from Burton on Trent, and they’ve been together since late 2011.

I don’t have too much info about them – their facefart bio is rather empty, although the news feed is updated nice and regularly – but you can find them on YouTube and BandCamp as well. The latter’s the best for sampling their music.

As ever, one of those samples is below in the form of their only official non-live video to date. It’s pretty good, too, and indicative of their style.

I’d class them as more metal than rock, purely from their slightly edgier sound. The rhythm is just that little too bit up-tempo at times to be rock, but it’s a fine line. Either way they’re easy to listen and get into.

Check ’em out and if you like them then give them your support. Their 6-track EP is only £2.50 from the BandCamp link above.

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