Thursday, April 25, 2019
GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
The Moshville Times

Band of the Day: Electric Revolution

Sometimes, you just can’t beat the classic sounds. Simple things first – where are you guys from? The Milwaukee/Chicago area, Kenosha Wisconsin. Sandwiched between both Milwaukee and Chicago. How did you meet? Dave Lawson the vocalist and myself Billie Pulera the brummer worked together in the past, we recruited Brock [...]

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Album Review: Till the Fall – The Seventh Circle

Till the Fall have featured in Moshville Times of late with their most recent single “Le Cirque Des Damnés” and an interview with Cal Whittaker informing us that their debut album The Seventh Circle would be released in April. Exciting times are ahead for this sextet from Crewe as they [...]

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Gig Review: Set It Off / Vukovi / Bearings – Manchester O2 Academy 3 (16th April 2019)

Feeling very old in comparison to the crowd surrounding us, the first band of the night, Bearings, made their way onto the stage. Looking very cramped, the 5-piece band from Canada definitely needed a bigger stage! The crowd were joining in and clapping along straight away and by their reaction, Bearings [...]

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Band of the Day: Oceans Apart

Thanks today go to Oceans Apart, busy promoting their debut album and single… Simple things first — Where are you guys from? Leicester, UK. How did you meet? Three members are brothers and the other two members have been long life friends, so it was a very natural process after [...]

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Video Premiere: Merrick’s Tusk – The Ache

UK post-hardcorers Merrick’s Tusk reveal their greatly anticipated debut album, Between The Earth And The Trees, on Friday 3rd May via Undead Collective Records. Prior to this, the band have revealed a video for the single, “The Ache”. Buoyed by a revitalised line up, the four piece have recently toured [...]

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Bloodstock announces another 6 bands, prepares M2TM finals

Bloodstock is pleased to reveal another six bands joining the fray at Catton Park this summer, hailing from not just the UK, but also Spain, Finland, and Egypt! The Metal 2 The Masses finals kick off soon too, so make plans to support your local event detailed below and you [...]

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