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Tom Russell Godfather of Rock book cover

Book Review – Tom Russell: The Godfather Of Rock

Tom Russell needs no introduction to most Scottish rock fans; he has been involved in the rock scene for ever; entire eras of music are etched into his face. He has been around an extraordinarily long time, he has seen just about everybody in [...]

November 23, 2016 Book Reviews
Photo credit: Bernie Galewski

Book Review: The Nearly New Millennium Diary Of Cleo Howard 1999 by Sarah Tipper

What began as a one-off offshoot from the now-extended Eviscerated Panda “trilogy”, Cleo Howard’s diary has also just hit its third volume. Focussing, as the title suggests, on the pre-Millennium year of 1999 it’s another year in the life of [...]

September 17, 2016 Book Reviews

Comic Review: Realm of the Damned Tenebris Deos – Alec Worley (words) and Simon “Pye” Parr (art)

Werewolf Press recently kicked off under the all-seeing eye of former Candlelight label owner , October File bassist and Plastic Head kingpin Steve Beatty. The first publication to rattle of its printing presses is Realm of the Damned. Set in a [...]

May 28, 2016 Book Reviews

Book Review – Towers Two by Dave Brockie (with Jobe Bittman)

We reported on this release a couple of weeks ago and the publishers were kind enough to send us a copy for review. As ever, it’s taken some time for me to find the time to plough through, but I’ve [...]

April 26, 2016 Book Reviews
Photo credit: Bernie Galewski

Book Review: The Mega Metal Diary of Cleö Howard 1998 by Sarah Tipper

Another good read from Ms Tipper, and an easy book to plough through in stages due to the diary format. You definitely need to read the first volume (The Very Metal…) before this, but these can be read before or after [...]

July 7, 2015 Book Reviews
Photo credit: Bernie Galewski

Book Review: Eviscerated Panda Vol. 4 by Sarah Tipper

I was going to make a joke about Sarah Tipper doing a Douglas Adams with this, the third book in the Panda trilogy. Only she beat me to it in the introduction, dammit. Vol. 4 carries on from where A Vulgar [...]

April 20, 2015 Book Reviews