Review: Bloodywood – Rakshak

What do you get if you smash together groove filled heavy metal with the pomp and annoyingly catchy frills of Bollywood music? Well, obviously it's Bloodywood or I wouldn't be asking an otherwise daft question. If you've somehow managed to miss the Indian group's rapid rise onto the world stage, then you're not too late … Continue reading Review: Bloodywood – Rakshak

Album Review: Amorphis – Halo

They have been around for over 30 years and have carved out a deserved niche as one of the most influential and exciting bands in the melodic death metal scene. 2021 saw them release a live album, Live at Helsinki Hall, a recording of their show at the famous venue in late 2019. Since then, Amorphis … Continue reading Album Review: Amorphis – Halo

Album Review: Dryed – dryed

dryed, the album, has a long history. Recordings were made as far back as 2009-10, with the first couple of videos being recorded in 2012. During the recording of the third video ("Ocean"), the band's singer Panos Mademlis left the band. Sadly, some time later, he passed away. The album is finally seeing the light … Continue reading Album Review: Dryed – dryed

Album Review: Saxon – Carpe Diem

Few bands have the resilience of Yorkshire’s Saxon. Since their formation as Son of a Bitch in the mid-1970s, Saxon’s career has been a rollercoaster of a ride. Mistakenly included as part of the early round of NWOBHM, the band soared high in the 1980s with participation at the first Monsters of Rock festival in … Continue reading Album Review: Saxon – Carpe Diem

Album Review: Battle Beast – Circus of Doom

Finland's power metal powerhouse returns with sixth album Circus of Doom. The opening title track "Circus of Doom" serves as an absolutely perfect introduction to the album, lyrically accurate with a commanding riff throughout and immediately catchy chorus - I've missed this band! Where do I even begin with "Wings of Light"? Well, it's my … Continue reading Album Review: Battle Beast – Circus of Doom

Album Review: In Loving Memory – The Withering

Ah, the joys of trawling through the hundred of new releases that drop into our electronic mailbox of metal. I'll often pick out a release based on the mood I'm in. Sometimes I want something old fashioned, a rocker; or maybe something bouncy so I'll look for some pop/punk. Tonight I was feeling like I … Continue reading Album Review: In Loving Memory – The Withering