2020 Crew Review: Iain “Mosh” Purdie – Editor in Chief/Grand Poobah

OK, then so it's time to draft some words about 2020 and try to make out that it's not been a cataclysmic shitstorm caused mainly by political ineptitude and a hyperactive microorganism. But I can't. Because it was. So I won't. Instead I'll focus mainly on the music side of things, which is surprisingly limited … Continue reading 2020 Crew Review: Iain “Mosh” Purdie – Editor in Chief/Grand Poobah

EP Review: Ward XVI – Unplugged and Sedated

2020 has been one of those years where many of us have just had to make the most of a bad situation. Ward XVI, insane though they may be, are no different. They had recorded and started publicity for the superb Metamorphosis, which we reviewed a short while ago, but the release hit right in the … Continue reading EP Review: Ward XVI – Unplugged and Sedated

Ward XVI kick off acoustic sessions

Following up on the release of the sublime Metamorphosis and the subsequent dearth of live opportunities, Ward XVI continue to push their work in other ways. They've just released the first of a quartet of acoustic numbers which you can play below. One would think that shying away from electric formats would be welcome, so perhaps … Continue reading Ward XVI kick off acoustic sessions

Ward XVI – “Metamorphosis” competition

As well as letting us debut their new single, the last before the album Metamorphosis is unveiled in full, Ward XVI have given us a bunch of cool stuff to give away to one lucky winner. The album is a flipping masterpiece and you'll get to celebrate by pairing it up with the first half of … Continue reading Ward XVI – “Metamorphosis” competition

Video Premier: Ward XVI – “Shadows”

We were more than a little impressed with Ward XVI's latest album, Metamorphosis, so we jumped at the chance to give you the first chance to check out the new video from it. "Shadows" rounds off the album proper and features guest vocals from Footprints in the Custard's Russ Custard. As well as being a great … Continue reading Video Premier: Ward XVI – “Shadows”

Album Review: Ward XVI – Metamorphosis

Ward XVI (that's "Ward Sixteen", not "Ward Thirteen" or "Ward Ex Vee Eye") are back, three years after releasing their debut The Art of Manipulation. With an appearance on the New Blood stage at Bloodstock somewhere in the middle of that time, they've never really stayed still and are a constant force on social media, plugging … Continue reading Album Review: Ward XVI – Metamorphosis