Interview: Thrashatouille

Coming towards the end of Badgerfest, we had a couple of late entrants wishing to be interviewed and who are we at Moshville Times to say no? Regulars over on Moshville Radio, and indeed setting up our first competition, were chef metal band Thrashatouille who had plenty to say. We met up with vocalist Pastry … Continue reading Interview: Thrashatouille

Interview: Kringer And The Battle Katz

Self confessed idiots and hardcore groove metal crew Kringer And The Battle Katz noticed that Moshville Times had a video camera and microphones at last month's Badgerfest which led to Shells of Moshville Times, Bracken Hake and myself Ricky of Moshville Times being kidnapped and ordered to do an interview. What we found were extremely … Continue reading Interview: Kringer And The Battle Katz

Interview: Agent 47

Sometimes you meet a gentle giant in the metal scene who works his heart out and does his bit to promote the scene. I have known Rik Hunter for a couple of years now but never had the pleasure to meet him face to face. That was until last month at Badgerfest where we had … Continue reading Interview: Agent 47

Interview: Dog Tired

Moshville Times regulars and down right good guys Dog Tired made the trip to Badgerfest to catch a glimpse at a festival that Mark, Bracken and I would love to see them perform at. After seeing Dog Tired numerous times, I think it's safe to say that they would tear Manchester apart if invited to … Continue reading Interview: Dog Tired

Interview: Portrayal of Ruinn

The man with the most cheeky face, Calvinn Fayle of Portrayal of Ruinn, saw that Ricky of Moshville Times and Shells of Moshville Times had microphones. With Bracken Hake holding a video camera interviewing bands at Badgerfest, Calvinn had to chat and became our best friend for a period fifteen minutes. On a serious note, … Continue reading Interview: Portrayal of Ruinn

Interview: Basement Torture Killings

I originally met former Band of the Day Basement Torture Killings at Badgerfest last month, however, due to a motor vehicle accident involving my colleagues travelling up from the south and they having the camera equipment, I could not interview the band on that day. I did give them a peace offering of a more … Continue reading Interview: Basement Torture Killings