New Band of the Day: Indica (ARG)

Indica (Argentina)
Indica (Argentina)

Yup, another of those days when you’re writing about a band and find another with the same name. Yesterday’s Indica are an all-female gothic-ish pop/rock band. Today’s are from Argentina, all-male and play progressive/experimental/psychadelic rock.

They’re like a breath of stale air. By which I mean that they sound like they’ve been locked in a vault since the mid-1970’s and have only just escaped. With wobbly keyboard sounds, whooshes, jangly guitars and trippy vocals they’re from a different time.

There’s a sample song below and – if you speak Spanish – you can find out some more about them on their facefart page, or on their official page.

I admit I was genuinely surprised by how much I liked their stuff as I’d not consider myself a fan of the psychedelic rock genre. Dig out those tassled tie-dyed trousers and the big wig and get down…

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