Interview: Igorrr (Gautier Serre)

Gautier Serre, otherwise known as Igorrr, has been creating a captivating and diverse amalgamation of electronic, death metal and classical music (as well as incorporating bits of everything in between) since 2005. After spending years as a solo artist, since around the release of 2016's Savage Sinusoid Igorrr has become more of a collective of … Continue reading Interview: Igorrr (Gautier Serre)

Album News: every release we were mailed about today!

This'll be a big post... sorry! We get around 200 emails a day here. A lot of them are requests for album reviews (30-60 a day or thereabouts). Fridays are huge for video releases (about 40 today) and also album release news as it seems to be the day that bands throw their new stuff … Continue reading Album News: every release we were mailed about today!

MetalDays 2018: Day 5

A quick band round-up today as I managed to rattle round all three stages a couple of times. I didn't get to the festival as early as I'd hoped as I was writing up the last couple of days' events! When I arrived, Saille were giving it large on the second stage, but I was focused … Continue reading MetalDays 2018: Day 5