Preview – Damnation Festival 2021

Having sold out of tickets for the main event many moons ago, it’s safe to say that after a two-year break, anticipation is building for Damnation Festival’s return on Saturday 6th November 2021. There may have been some necessary changes to the planned line-up but the organisers have still managed to put together a strong … Continue reading Preview – Damnation Festival 2021

2020 Crew Review: John H – Writer/Reviewer

Looking back over the EPs and albums that I enjoyed the most throughout 2020 it feels like the early part of the year was a very long time ago (did Konvent's Puritan Masochism really only come out in January?!). With my end of year round-up, I’m going to mainly focus on some smaller releases - … Continue reading 2020 Crew Review: John H – Writer/Reviewer

Album Reviews Round-Up: Stuff You May Have Missed – Barrens, King Witch, Beggar, Utilitarian, Hope Vs Hate

There's been lots going on, huh? People are busy and things are strange, but that's not stopped bands from releasing new music, so here is a long-overdue look at some great new albums put out in the last few months. Barrens - Penumbra Driven by swathes of sleek synth and guitar melodies, Swedish post-rock/post-metal trio … Continue reading Album Reviews Round-Up: Stuff You May Have Missed – Barrens, King Witch, Beggar, Utilitarian, Hope Vs Hate

Interview: Konvent

Signed to Napalm Records off the back of a single demo, Danish death-doom quartet Konvent's assured debut album Puritan Masochism was released in January and provides a slow, raw and crushing experience. We spoke with bassist Heidi Withington Brink about the album and touring but began by discussing current life in Copenhagen. Hi, and thanks … Continue reading Interview: Konvent

Band of the Day: Pyraweed

New territory today as we hit Azerbaijan for - I believe - the first time! Simple things first – where are you guys from? We are from Baku, Azerbaijan. How did you meet? We’ve been friends for ages and played in different projects together. We still do. How long have you been playing as a … Continue reading Band of the Day: Pyraweed

Interview: Igorrr (Gautier Serre)

Gautier Serre, otherwise known as Igorrr, has been creating a captivating and diverse amalgamation of electronic, death metal and classical music (as well as incorporating bits of everything in between) since 2005. After spending years as a solo artist, since around the release of 2016's Savage Sinusoid Igorrr has become more of a collective of … Continue reading Interview: Igorrr (Gautier Serre)