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2018 Crew Review: Iain “Mosh” Purdie – Editor in Chief

Well I guess it’s my turn to rattle off some thoughts on 2018. On a personal note, it’s been a tricky year and also a very busy one for many reasons. “Real work” has picked up, meaning I’ve had to [...]

January 5, 2019 Features

Interview: Rumahoy’s Captain Yaarface welcomes us to the sea

Just before they opened proceedings for Alestorm in Glasgow recently, we sat down for a brief chat with the balaclava-clad giant that is Captain Yaarface. Lead shouty-person and lyrical focal point of Rumahoy, he knows how to splice a mainbrace, [...]

February 24, 2018 Interviews

Album Review: Rumahoy – The Triumph of Piracy

We get so many albums through the mailbox here at Moshville Times that it’s impossible to check everything out. As a result, Rumahoy slipped through the (barnacle encrusted) net until I saw them opening for Alestorm a few days ago [...]

February 22, 2018 Album Reviews

Gig Review: Alestorm, The Dread Crew of Oddwood, Rumahoy – Glasgow O2 ABC (14th Feb 2018)

Another year, another PirateFest and we’re reminded that Alestorm aren’t the only band out there flinging nautically-themed metal around. The last such event I attended was at Glasgow’s Arches some years ago (before the council decided to shut it down [...]

February 16, 2018 Gig Reviews

Video Roundup: Rumahoy, Grimner, WEAK13, Sons, Crowned Kings, Inner Circle Avenue

First roundup of the week. Dive in while the water’s hot… Rumahoy – “Forest Party” Pirates are known for their parties. And of course for lots of YAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRs, but especially for their parties. So Rumahoy have decided YARRR, it’s time [...]

January 15, 2018 Videos