Bloodstock 2022: Sean M’s Eye View (Part 1)

This year’s Bloodstock felt like such a long time coming for me. I missed last year due to another commitment and before June I hadn’t been to a metal show since before lockdown. As soon as Mosh approved my request to join Team Moshville this year, I started getting excited for the festival. Fast forward … Continue reading Bloodstock 2022: Sean M’s Eye View (Part 1)

MetalDays 2018: Day 5

A quick band round-up today as I managed to rattle round all three stages a couple of times. I didn't get to the festival as early as I'd hoped as I was writing up the last couple of days' events! When I arrived, Saille were giving it large on the second stage, but I was focused … Continue reading MetalDays 2018: Day 5

Sorcerer – new album imminent

Swedish epic doom metal legends Sorcerer will release their Metal Blade debut In The Shadow Of The Inverted Cross on March 24th on CD, vinyl (Europe Only), and digitally. Today Sorcerer unleashes the next track from their new opus. Check out an exclusive premiere of the song "The Gates of Hell" courtesy of The Obelisk. The first song … Continue reading Sorcerer – new album imminent