MetalDays 2021 – tickets on sale now!

MetalDays in Slovenia has been cancelled for the currently obvious reason, but like many other festivals they’re keeping the ball rolling and planning their comeback in 2021. With the aim of getting as many of the 2020 acts to recommit as possible, tickets purchased for this year’s event are valid for next year (this includes New Metal Festival tickets, parking tickets, electricity hook up, and comfort area upgrades – just turn up in 2021 with this year’s ticket), and new tickets are already available.

You can also support MetalDays in two ways:

  • Donate your 2020 ticket and purchase a 2021 ticket. Any donated tickets will receive a free festival ticket for Winter Days of Metal
  • Buy some limited merch

At the moment only 2000 tickets are on sale. The number of available tickets for sale will depend on the amount of donations and refunds of MetalDays 2020 tickets.

In addition, the festival have asked the following if you’re considering passing/selling your ticket to someone else – please refund it instead, and ask your mate to buy a new one. This is for several very good reasons:

  • We have a tracking of how many tickets for MetalDays 2021 are still available for sale
  • With every ticket sold in our official shop, MetalDays’ surviving becomes more realistic
  • Due to the bad experience with cancellations in 2020, every partner and artist is going to insist on an advance payment a lot earlier than usual. Every sold ticket in our official shop makes advance payments easier for us.

Dates are July 25th to 31st (yes, 7 days!) and from personal experience I can tell you that it’s one of the best festivals you could consider going to. It’s also likely the last one, certainly at the current fantastic location, as some absolute money-grabbing, greedy bastards have decided that building a bypass through a town which relies on tourism is a good idea. Fuck those people.

Honestly, folks, please read my (voluminous) review of 2018’s event. It was brilliant, not just the festival but the town of Tolmin and its surrounds. I’d not booked for this year for family reasons, but I’m definitely aiming to be there in 2021. Join me!

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