Bloodstock 2021 – Wednesday Review

Live music is back! Oh, yes! With an extra day thrown in to make up for something that wasn't even their fault, Bloodstock 2021 began on a Wednesday this year. After a lengthy trip from Glasgow and a Lateral Flow Test before getting my media pass I just made it in time to catch most … Continue reading Bloodstock 2021 – Wednesday Review

#RoadToBOA2019 – Anakim

It’s that time of year again, when in the run-up to Bloodstock we endeavour to interview every band gracing the SOPHIE, New Blood and Jägermeister stages from 8th – 11th August 2019. This means you’ve got a chance to read up on all your favourite bands set to play over the weekend and decide which … Continue reading #RoadToBOA2019 – Anakim

MetalDays 2018: Days 3-4

With the main stage and second stage both kicking off on the Monday, I spent a fair bit of time getting a proper feel for Metal Days and surprisingly little watching bands! The already busy venue was obviously filling up even more, and the atmosphere got even better. It's impressive that some people had, by … Continue reading MetalDays 2018: Days 3-4

#RoadToMetalDays2018 – Anakim

Always aiming to put the smaller / less well known bands front and centre, welcome to our series featuring acts on the New Forces stage at this year's Metal Days festival in Slovenia, as well as a couple of bands who are being featured for a second time having trodden the boards of that stage … Continue reading #RoadToMetalDays2018 – Anakim