Friday, September 18, 2020
GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Interview: Paddy and Kyle of Ashen Reach

It seems to be a habit of Ashen Reach and myself doing interviews and that’s simply because there has been a lot happening within the Ashen Reach camp. These hard rockers from Liverpool are about to release their third single [...]

September 13, 2020 Interviews

Interview: Tomas Akvik of LIK

This interview was a bit personal for me. Not only because it was my first Zoom interview with someone outwith the UK, but because I am a huge fan of LIK and the scene they come from. I am of [...]

September 12, 2020 Interviews

Interview: Jack and Thomas of Steel Mage

Steel Mage hail from Manchester and like to play thrash the old school way. I mention “school” because that’s where some of the members of Steel Mage reside, which is hard to believe after speaking to them. If you like [...]

September 8, 2020 Interviews

Interview: Neil Stevens of Elimination

Dan Carter of Fatangel Management got in touch with me to say that he would love to have an interview for a band on his roster entitled Elimination. After listening to their brand new EP Of Gods and Beasts, I [...]

September 7, 2020 Interviews

Interview: Benjamin and Jake of Phantom State

Brummie metalheads Benjamin and Jake decided to take the dangerous leap of being interviewed by me for Moshville Times. Things seem to be going well for their band Phantom State in the current climate, what with writing for a new [...]

September 6, 2020 Interviews

Interview: Toni and David of Darkness Divine

I have to confess that I should go to more local shows. Occasionally there comes along a band that you have not heard of, but after witnessing their performance on stage you are that impressed that you and your mates [...]

September 1, 2020 Interviews