Interview: The Head of the Traitor

With the majority of The Head of the Traitor being based in a town the majority of the world don't know about (Ayr), it's beyond belief that even during lockdown six guys have got together to play symphonic deathcore. Before you say "Oh here is another sub genre", their latest single "Forest of the Impaled" … Continue reading Interview: The Head of the Traitor

Interview: Brazen Bull

Brazen Bull hail from Bury St Edmunds and like to play their hard rock/metal in the NWOBHM way. With influences ranging for the old Gods of Iron Maiden to being inspired by newer sounds in the vein of Avenged Sevenfold, this five piece know how to create songs that will please both sets of fans. … Continue reading Interview: Brazen Bull

Video: Netherhall – Ruminate

Netherall were one of the first bands that I had interviewed online and it was an absolute pleasure to find a band that plays brilliant progressive metal. Hailing from the home of heavy metal, Birmingham, this four piece have used this lockdown constructively and written songs that easily surpass anything that they have ever done … Continue reading Video: Netherhall – Ruminate

Interview: Tortured Demon

Tortured Demon hail from Oldham, Greater Manchester and this trio of teenage thrashcore upstarts have, in the last few days, released their debut album. Reviewed in these pages only a number of days ago, our editor stated about In Desperation's Grip, "if this is what they’re producing now… other bands need to watch their backs" - … Continue reading Interview: Tortured Demon

Interview: Angerot

Angerot hail from South Dakota and in their brief history have released two exceptional death metal albums. The Splendid Iniquity (which we reviewed) was splattered with that HM-2 sound that we all know and love but last year's The Divine Apostate (which we also reviewed!), with the added flavour of Floridian death metal, brought something … Continue reading Interview: Angerot

Interview: Bloodthread

Scotland does have a strong death metal scene and one of the most prominent bands in the Scottish scene are Dumfries-based three-piece Bloodthread. Having been around the circuit for a number of years now, Bloodthread have a new line up, new recording studio and more importantly, new songs. I first caught onto them supporting Cattle … Continue reading Interview: Bloodthread