Interview: Severe Lacerations

Severe Lacerations are one of those bands that will never be accepted in the mainstream. Severe Lacerations are also a band that have taken their time to release their debut album Burning the Mortal Coil but now that they hopefully a settled line up, we will not have to wait decades for it to see … Continue reading Interview: Severe Lacerations

Interview: As the World Dies

It has been almost a year since I caught up with the band As the World Dies. They were just about to release their debut album The Agonist and that was my first opportunity to meet Scott Fairfax and Co, so when the opportunity came to talk about what they have been up to in … Continue reading Interview: As the World Dies

Interview: Blasphemer

As I have said many times on my radio station, once you play death metal, it's in your veins and you always come back to it. Thankfully this is once again true with Yorkshire bad men Blasphemer who came back after releasing a couple of albums under the moniker of Dominion (remember them?). Although there … Continue reading Interview: Blasphemer

Interview: Heavy Metal Therapy

I have interviewed some of my idols in my time, interviewing bands and personnel for Moshville Times, but I cannot recollect an occasion where I felt so nervous preparing for an interview. There were no musicians to take the mickey out of, no discussion of lyrics or the bands instruments they used to record their … Continue reading Interview: Heavy Metal Therapy

Album review: Catalysis – Betrayer

It will take something pretty special for me to come out of my reviewing retirement and ladies and gentlemen, this is special. You should know by now that Catalysis hail from Dundee and like to play their metal with a lot of groove and harmony mixed with thrashier and sometimes death metal in places. That's … Continue reading Album review: Catalysis – Betrayer

Interview: Tribe of Ghosts

I had the opportunity to interview Brighton’s Tribe of Ghosts, who play music with a lot of industrial sounds but mix it with some hardcore and sludge. After interviewing them at this year's Rabidfest, I simply had to stay in touch and find out more about them. They may be in their second reincarnation but … Continue reading Interview: Tribe of Ghosts