Ricky Interviews… James Shaffer

Steve Saunders from the groove laden metal band Spreading The Disease got in touch with me to inform me that James Shaffer was coming over from USA for a week to assist in the recording of the next EP from STD, as well as attend a few gigs with good friends Hedra.

I must admit, when doing my research and preparation for this interview, I thought I was interviewing James “Munky” Shaffer from Korn. Thankfully, I got this particular James Shaffer who has been band manager, Front of House engineer, producer, touring manager and everything else in-between. Here we get to see what the responsibilities of these roles are, fun stories of the times he worked with Metallica, Motorhead and Van Halen amongst many others. This turned out to be an interesting chat over a few beers and wish you well for the future, James.

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