Interview: Dog Tired

Moshville Times regulars and down right good guys Dog Tired made the trip to Badgerfest to catch a glimpse at a festival that Mark, Bracken and I would love to see them perform at. After seeing Dog Tired numerous times, I think it's safe to say that they would tear Manchester apart if invited to … Continue reading Interview: Dog Tired

Bloodstock 2021 Video Interview: Dog Tired

Ah, the best interviews. More like a blether over some beers than a silly Q&A! Thankfully Dog Tired are always up for a bevvy... Dog Tired: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

New Video: Dog Tired – “Feast”

Scottish heavyweights Dog Tired have been busy writing material for their next release and over the last couple of days they have teased us all about a new video entitled "Feast". Well, the waiting is no more and what a track "Feast" is. It is guaranteed to get your necks snapping and, when gigs open … Continue reading New Video: Dog Tired – “Feast”

Interview: Keith and Luke of Dog Tired

Hot on the heels of reviewing their devastating new album The Electric Abyss which was released in September last year, I caught up with drummer Keith and guitarist/vocalist Luke of Scottish bruisers and all-round mad bastards Dog Tired. For a band that are doing everything themselves, they deserve to be recognised as being in their … Continue reading Interview: Keith and Luke of Dog Tired

Video: Dog Tired – Lord of the Vile

You would be forgiven to think that the title of this song, "Lord of the Vile", is homage to some old school death metal band. Scottish heavyweights Dog Tired are nothing of the kind though and are more of the Lamb of God, Machine Head and Pantera variety but they also have something else under … Continue reading Video: Dog Tired – Lord of the Vile

2019 Crew Review: Ricky Fleming – Reviewer/Interviewer

For me, 2019 has been one hell of a year both on and off the park, as they say in football, but that doesn't even begin to explain how big a year 2019 was in metal. A sad demise, with the unlikely chance of witnessing the metal institution that is Slayer on the live front, … Continue reading 2019 Crew Review: Ricky Fleming – Reviewer/Interviewer