Ricky Interviews… Tymvos

Yet another quality old school death metal band adding to the OSDM scene up here in Scotland are Edinburgh-based band Tymvos. Having been active for only a couple of years, they have not long released their debut album World of Abominations through the brilliant underground record label Macho Recordings.

For fans of mid-era Morbid Angel, Obituary and Cancer, you will reminisce about the old days of death metal and with hellish vocals and shredding guitars. This marks some debut which has already left a mark in the UK underground scene. This was an ideal time to catch up with the band to discuss all things Tymvos and pleasing to hear that are already almost ready for album number two.

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World of Abominations is out now 

Tymvos: facebook | instagram | spotify | bandcamp | youtube


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