Email Interview: Per Valla of Vredehammer

The last time I spoke to frontman Per Valla of the Norwegian band Vredehammer was when they were supporting Keep of Kalessin back in November of last year, so of course I jumped at the chance of talking to him again. This time I got to ask about their new album entitled Violator (out on March 18th) … Continue reading Email Interview: Per Valla of Vredehammer

Interview: Per Valla of Vredehammer

[avatar user="wolfie" size="50" align="left" /]Our interview begins upstairs in the Garage, where vocalist Per Valla is in high spirits for tonight's gig  supporting Vreid and Keep of Kalessin. I caught up with him following their last visit to the U.K supporting Satyricon. The last time you came to the U.K was with Satyricon, how did you find … Continue reading Interview: Per Valla of Vredehammer

Keep of Kalessin / Vreid / Vredehammer / Scutum Crux – Garage, London (9th November 2015)

[avatar user="wolfie" size="50" align="left" /]The one thing I was told about the show when I arrived earlier that day was that there was going to be less than 100 people at the show. That certainly was the case tonight, with big empty spaces filling the downstairs of the Garage, but despite the small turnout, Scutum … Continue reading Keep of Kalessin / Vreid / Vredehammer / Scutum Crux – Garage, London (9th November 2015)

Vredehammer interview

A short while ago I pinged off a few questions to one-time one-man-band, now actual-band Vredehammer. Today, they came back by carrier alligator, scrawled in the blood of an unborn sasquatch by Per Valla... Up until 2009, Vinteroffer was a one man (Per Valla) band. What led to the recruitment of Kristoffer and then the … Continue reading Vredehammer interview

100-word review: Vredehammer – Vinteroffer

Vinteroffer is the debut album from Vredehammer and available as of now! Black metal from its spiritual home of Norway. But don't expect it to make you miserable enough to gut a bandmate or burn down a church. Vinteroffer is a surprisingly bouncy slice of darkness. The title track, for instance, has a very upbeat main … Continue reading 100-word review: Vredehammer – Vinteroffer

Vredehammer releasing debut album

Having been a promising act in the underground scene for several years, Vredehammer has taken the step into the big league. Five years have passed since the birth of Vredehammer, and this is celebrated by the release of their first full-length album Vinteroffer, the heaviest sounding release so far! The new album will be released … Continue reading Vredehammer releasing debut album