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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Interview: Per Valla of Vredehammer

Vredehammer London

Photo by Aoife Le Roux

AoifeOur interview begins upstairs in the Garage, where vocalist Per Valla is in high spirits for tonight’s gig  supporting Vreid and Keep of Kalessin. I caught up with him following their last visit to the U.K supporting Satyricon.

The last time you came to the U.K was with Satyricon, how did you find the gig and playing in London?

I found it very disappointing, we played in front of 8 people. We played 2 songs and the first song finished by the time the audience came in.

I remember that, we were outside and we thought that you were doing a sound check.

Yeah, I was absolutely furious, and for the two U.K gigs we did, we had a total stage time of 16 minutes.

Moving on, what made you want to go on tour with Keep of Kalessin?

The label (Indie Records), called us and asked us if we wanted to go on tour with Vreid and Keep of Kalessin, and we said yes. With this tour, I think the record label wanted certain bands to play, and we were on the list.

What are your plans for after the tour with Keep of Kalessin?

I am the guitarist with Abbath, so I will be concentrating on that, with an album release in January 2016 and preparing for the tour in Europe.

Do you get to right and have an input with Abbath, or is it more of a guest appearance?

It’s the case where Abbath has musicians come in and just play, as he writes everything, and if any arguments happen between him or another musician, then they can just be kicked out, and have another musician come in and take their place. I think after everything with Immortal, he has learnt to just do his own thing.

What is Abbath like?

He is very good to me, a very kind person, when I was living with him I would wake up in the morning to find he had cooked me breakfast. So yeah, he is a very nice guy.

What has to be the funniest moment for you on tour?

There was one time where we playing in Poland in 2006, and it must have been 1 in the afternoon and we were in a pizzeria, where these two people were having sex. The bartender was laughing, and so were the families, and the police were called, and one guy went in and started hitting on the girl, and the another policeman came in and started hitting on the girl. In the end they got the girl into a dog cage, whilst the the guy tried to run away, and he got hit by a car, and started shouting at the driver, and suddenly started laughing with the driver. In the end the girl went in one direction with the police, and the guy went in the other direction, with the person he just had an argument with.

It must have been interesting to see.

It was, we were wondering if this was normal behaviour in Poland.

Sticking it to tours, have you encountered any problems so far?

We had one problem with the windscreen wipers breaking in Holland, and we almost had to cancel the Holland gig, as we couldn’t drive.

It does seem like such a small problem but obviously with the rain you can’t see where your driving and you don’t want to crash.

Exactly, but in the end, we fixed the problem and Holland was not cancelled.

What has got to be the highlight for you on this tour?

Probably this interview, and seeing you write everything down with such tiny handwriting, I probably will never forget!

Thank you! Last question now, what bands are you listening to at the moment?

Carach Angren, if you have heard of them.

Yes, I am a big fan, they are lovely guys!

Yes they are Clemens (also known as Ardek) did the intro for our last album and our E.P before that. I met him for the fist time in Amsterdam and he was a very friendly person.

Thank you so much for your time, and good luck with tonight and for the rest of the tour.

Thank your was great to see you again too, I remember you from the Satyricon gig at the Scala.

Vredehammer: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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