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Vredehammer interview

vredehammer-vinterofferA short while ago I pinged off a few questions to one-time one-man-band, now actual-band Vredehammer. Today, they came back by carrier alligator, scrawled in the blood of an unborn sasquatch by Per Valla…

Up until 2009, Vinteroffer was a one man (Per Valla) band. What led to the recruitment of Kristoffer and then the other members?

The desire to start doing live shows was the reason really. If we weren`t playing live it would be pretty pointless to have more members since I write most of the music. But now when the new members are in the band, I definitely wouldn’t go back to doing it alone.

Am I right in saying that Kristoffer was originally a bassist when he joined? Was it easier to find a new bassist (John) and move Kristoffer to guitar than find a new guitarist?

That’s right, Kristoffer started out as the bass player. In the beginning we considered only being a three-piece, but to get a thicker live sound, we decided to expand the band. Kristoffer is a really good guitarist, and john is a good guitarplayer too. But we decided this was the way to go. However, it could easily have been the other way around. John on guitar and K on bass..

Is the material on the new album still written predominantly by Per or is it more of a whole band effort?

Except for one riff by Kristoffer, the rest is written by Per.

Before Cato was hired, were you using a drum machine? What are your views on using this technology as part of a metal band?

For me the option was to not put out any music, so if it’s the only option I say do it. But of course, real drummers are preferable!

How do you feel the sound of the band has changed over the course of the three EPs and – especially – with the release of Vinteroffer? Did the addition of other band members cause a big change?

I am trying to create the same kind of feelings that you get from traditional black metal, but in a more modern way. As I continue growing as a musician there will be a natural progression in the sound. So yes things have changed, and will continue doing so. The biggest change on Vinteroffer is the sound quality, but also the songs are more modern than before. Actually on the next release we will go a step back from what we did on Vinteroffer, because I think the Vredehammer sound lies somewhere between the earlier releases and Vinteroffer.

The three EPs are almost all in Norwegian, I believe. What made you decide to go with English lyrics for the album?

Simply because some songs sound better with English lyrics, and some with Norwegian.

Are the upbeat sections of the title track (around 2:00 in) based on any other music – Norwegian folk, for instance? Or is it just a catchy riff? :)

Hehe, no that’s just a catchy riff, man!

How have the live shows been going? And are there any plans to come to the UK?

The live shows are going extremely well! We get better as musicians every day, and the fanbase is definitely growing. It seems we will be visiting London this November actually.

Thanks for your time!

Thanx yourself!

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