New Band of the Day: Asylum Pyre

Asylum Pyre

Another French band today (I found a bunch via a French metal fan page on facebook that I’ve since lost – d’oh), and this time a “melodic metal” act called Asylum Pyre.

There are six in the band, including keyboards, bass, drums, twin guitars and a female vocalist (Chaos Heidi) who has a hell of a range. The vocal duties are shared with guitarist Johann, who’s very much one half of the singing team rather than just doing backing vocals.

The sound is very keyboard-heavy which may put some people off, but do persevere. I’d also recommend checking out their live videos (one of which is below as I couldn’t get ReverbNation‘s player to embed, no matter how hard I tried). While the recorded stuff can come across as a little bit light at times, their live sound is definitely heavier – though it does lose something of Heidi’s vocals as they’re not high quality videos. Shame!

Their biog claims that they bring in a lot of styles which is true and does make them hard to pigeon-hole. With the overall sound and keyboard influence, they do lean more in a prog direction that most others. Heidi’s vocals are often very operatic in style, also.

They’re really tight and look like they put on a good show. Certainly they’ve done well enough to keep going for seven years and fund two albums, the second of which (Fifty Years) was released earlier this year.

Further details on the usual facefart page. If you like them, give them your support and tell ’em who sent you!

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