New Band of the Day: Collapse


Navigating the smoggy streets of old London town finds us with today’s NBotD, Collapse. There was an announcement today (time of writing) that they are to fill a Saturday night gap on the Les-Fest bill after another band had to drop out at the last minute. The festival organisers were very complimentary of their music so off to YouTube I popped.

Collapse are nicely heavy and their tracks plough through at breakneck pace. Despite this, they still manage to get a bit of head-nodding groove in in places. Not so much slowing the flow of the music as holding it back before unleashing it at full tilt.

After their EP (Scar the Silence) went down well, they started work on their recently-released album Arms and the Covenant. This has had some great reviews (not too surprising), a sample from which is below.

Their facefart page will keep you up to date with their gigs and new releases. Check ’em out and at the current rate you’ll see them at one festival or another, or opening for yet another major act before they break through!

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