New Band of the Day: Where Eagles Dare

Where Eagles Dare (Image courtesy

It’s quite tricky to find Where Eagles Dare’s material on YouTube as it keeps throwing Clint Eastwood films and Iron Maiden covers at you. However, it’s worth the dig so I could pop one at the end.

This French fivesome (which sounds like another kind of video), play some nice heavy stuff along the lines of The Black Dahlia Murder. Blasting verses, with harsh vocals from lead singer Marina Ibars. Clean guitars in the background courtesy of Tristan Gratadour and Nicolas Exposito. All ably backed by bassist Loic Bertrand and drummer Tchang Truhong.

They’ve been around for just over six years now, and in that time have managed to release two EPs (Unholy Remains and Ocean of Blood). Both are worth checking out if you like the heavier end of the scale. In fact, the latter is available for free via their BandCamp page, so you have no excuse!

Pop over to facefart and give them some lurv if the music impresses.

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