New Band of the Day: When Reasons Collapse

When Reasons Collapse

Another visit to our cheese-eating surrender-monkey friends over the Channel, this time to Paris for another female-fronted act. This time “Metalcore/Deathcore/Death melo” 5-piece When Reasons Collapse.

This bunch are as heavy as Buster Gonad‘s pendulous testicles. Clad in iron. Click play on the video below, preferably with the volume and bass set to neighbour-killing levels, and prepare to be blown away.

I really don’t have any more information on the band – there’s no official page that I can find and their facefart bio is very thin. So I’ll just let their tunes do the talking!

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January 21, 2015 10:03 PM

[…] as a Band of the Day back in 2013, I’m very happy to announce that French band When Reasons Collapse have just released their […]