A ballsy big prize!

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Fancy a chance to win a shit-ton (that’s a Standard Imperial measurement unit that I just made up, but should be formalised) of wonderful metal and beery goodness?

For a stake of £2 in the form of a donation to the Headbangers Balls fund – cash going to the Teenage Cancer Trust – you’ll get entered into a draw to win a metric fuckload (approximately similar to the metric shit-ton, but for you new-fangled kiddies) of cracking prizes.

See the attached picture (click to em-bigen / largify) and feast your eyes.

It’s via JustGiving, so if possible please help them recoup Gift Aid as well. It’ll only take a moment for you to fill in your details. Just mention “PRIZE” in your donation comment.

The magic link to make it all happen is cunningly hidden under this text here. CLICK AWAY!

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