Ain't she a beauty? Huge thanks to Andy Pilkington, a man of many talents, for creating something that the site's been after for fecking ages. As well as being a graphical genius, Andy plays bass for thrashmeisters Reign of Fury and is one of the brainboxes behind the awesome Headbangers Balls charity drive which Moshville … Continue reading LOOK AT THAT LOGO!

Best. Raffle. Ever.

A final blast from the Headbangers Balls folks. EVEN MORE LATE ENTRY PRIZES ADDED! Your £2+ donation now gives you a chance of winning all this... • VENOM SIGNATURE DRUMSTICKS • DEF CON ONE SHIRT • BEHOLDER MERCH BUNDLE • DERISION CD & BEANIE • KINDLE FIRE • HATEBREED SHIRT • WEEKEND TIX FOR ROCK & … Continue reading Best. Raffle. Ever.

A ballsy big prize!

Fancy a chance to win a shit-ton (that's a Standard Imperial measurement unit that I just made up, but should be formalised) of wonderful metal and beery goodness? For a stake of £2 in the form of a donation to the Headbangers Balls fund - cash going to the Teenage Cancer Trust - you'll get … Continue reading A ballsy big prize!

Headbangers Balls, Glasgow Classic Grand

[Photos from all bands on Flickr: Cnoc An Tursa / Reign of Fury / States of Panic / I Am I] Featuring I Am I, States of Panic, Reign of Fury and Cnoc An Tursa - all for a bargain ten quid and raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Brilliant stuff! So what do … Continue reading Headbangers Balls, Glasgow Classic Grand

Cover Song of the Day: I Am I – You’re the Voice

I was plodding through a few of I Am I's songs on YouTube as I'm off to see them as part of the Headbangers Balls tour next weekend. Unbeknownst to me, they do a cracking cover of the old John Farnham hit, "You're the Voice". So here it is. Enjoy. http://youtu.be/oz2j8v7oChk

Krushbanger’s Headballs – It’s OOooOOovvveeerrrr!

The final instalment from the God of Gobshite and his amazing talking testicles. What bands will he feature today? What sounds will erupt from his anus? Will he have any clean underwear? Will someone, please, for the love of all that's unholy give him a TV show? More publicity for the excellent upcoming Headbangers Balls … Continue reading Krushbanger’s Headballs – It’s OOooOOovvveeerrrr!