Bloodstock, live feed and new videos!

Bloodstock Open Air 2013
Bloodstock Open Air 2013

For those who missed the festival or the live feed, and for the many of us who sat crying because the live feed was jumping like a freshly landed fish during Anthrax – Bloodstock has uploaded over 100 individual songs (at a guess) by many of the artists from this past weekend’s festival.

They’re all on DailyMotion, the service used for the live stream, but there’s no concern about the quality!

For the record, I was disappointed by the poor quality during certain acts (Anthrax as mentioned was almost unwatchable, and the sound went for almost the entire of Hell’s set), but let’s remember that this was supplied for free. Other venues charge for feeds like that.

Also, as far as I can tell, only two artists decided against being streamed – King Diamond and Gojira. I’m not sure of KD’s reasons, but Gojira were something to do with transportation problems and arriving with half their equipment stuck in Paris. I can only assume that they reckoned that they may not be able to put on as good a performance as they’d have liked so didn’t want it broadcast. Just a guess on my part.

Roll on next year with the only UK appearance of the newly-reformed Emperor… and a bevy of other good bands, I’m sure!

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