New Band of the Day: Damned Spring Fragrantia


Travelling abroad again, from the dark beers of Tyneside to the frothy lagers of Peroni. Similarly from the hard, basic metal edge of Arcite to a more technical, blended, crossover from today’s new band Damned Spring Fragrantia.

Starting a straightforward metalcore band in 2006, they’ve added various tweaks to their sound in the intervening years. A bit of hardcore here, some technical metal there and with their debut LP from Basick Records they’ve ramped up the mathcore. The press release I have goes for “Progressive Metalcore” which is as good an abbreviation as any.

Two EP’s to develop have served them well and with the release of Divergences this year they’ve created a sound all of their own. Check it out on the video below and get some more info via their facefart page. And if the video impresses you that much, you can buy their album from the Basick Records store.

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