New Band of the Day: Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes - Line in the Sand
Close Your Eyes – Line in the Sand

I have plenty of dark, heavy, Satanic death metal and thrash bands on here. So, just in case there is some kind of god and he’s not made of spaghetti I better balance things up with a Christian metal band.

Not that Close Your Eyes’ philosophy on life was my reason for picking them today. It’s the video for their new track “The End” which features Zoli Teglas of Pennywise. The song is catchy and the way they’ve put the lyrics on screen is pretty cool, looking like a ransom note made up of letters from famous bands’ logos.

Sound-wise they’re punk/hardcore/melodic metalcore… call it what you will. The easiest way to figure it out is to watch the video.

I gather there’s quite a bit of talk going on about the change in vocalist, and whether the new guy is any good or not. I’ll let you judge. As far as I’m concerned, they’re just a bunch of guys from Texas making some catchy tunes.

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