2018 Crew Review: Eduinaluca – Writer

It is a lazy morning in Espoo, Finland as I write my 2018 review while sipping my hot chocolate and listening to Khors' "Winterfall". Incidentally, I rank their latest EP, Beyond the Bestial, as the best of 2018. I had been following this band closely for a little while then this EP just happened as a … Continue reading 2018 Crew Review: Eduinaluca – Writer

2017 Crew Review – Eduinaluca, Writer/Reviewer

Thus I reach my 18th and last article of the year, my personal review of 2017. Best New Album: Verity by Nokturnal Mortum, hands down. I've got nothing much to add to what I've previously said but I think that this album and everything that surrounds it from my personal point of view had a … Continue reading 2017 Crew Review – Eduinaluca, Writer/Reviewer

Review: Nokturnal Mortum – Verity

It would have been a mistake not to talk about the last album of the Ukrainian giants of pagan black metal, Nokturnal Mortum. Released eight years after The Voice of Steel and thanks to a gain in popularity in Western countries, that might partially be thanks to the Ragnard Rock Festival in France, Verity was the … Continue reading Review: Nokturnal Mortum – Verity

Nokturnal Mortum – “Verity” out now

The Ukrainian giants of epic heathen metal just released their 8th and long-awaited album Verity. The single “Wolfish Berries” was released earlier this month. It is available in a digital version on Bandcamp but the band unveiled very interesting merchandising as well. Although not written nor recorded yet, Nokturnal Mortum has already announced the name of … Continue reading Nokturnal Mortum – “Verity” out now