Monday, November 23, 2020
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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Album Review: Khors – Where the Word Acquires Eternity

Українська версія рецензії: Daily Metal. And so, here we are. Despite this discreet, insidious mayhem going on with the pandemic, nothing seems to stop the Ukrainian black metal scene and it’s good to see not everything is falling apart. I [...]

September 10, 2020 Album Reviews

Album Review: Raventale – Planetarium II

Українська версія рецензії: Daily Metal. The listening of this new album started when the premiere of a song, “Route to Andromeda” was unveiled earlier last month. I was instantly struck by the absence of Athamas‘ singing. A sneak peak of [...]

September 7, 2020 Album Reviews

Interview: Khaoth of Khors

Українська версія рецензії: Daily Metal Following the big news from Khors earlier this month we decided, together with our Ukrainian partners from Daily Metal, to ask them a few questions about their impending opus. You just announced details about your [...]

June 23, 2020 Interviews

Khors announce new album

This morning, Ukrainians Khors unveiled more details about their long-awaited upcoming album. Here’s an extract of the band’s statement: Our 7th full-length Where the Word Acquires Eternity is a concept album dedicated to the events that took place in our native [...]

June 12, 2020 News

Album Review: Burshtyn – Chtonichasm

Українська версія рецензії: Daily Metal It’s time to hear from Kharkiv again. Earlier this month, Burshtyn released their new album Chtonichasm. A specific work on the mix is sometimes a decisive factor about what mark will an album leave on [...]

June 10, 2020 Album Reviews

Album review: Goatreich – Godfetor

Two of our writers wanted to review this album. So obviously, we did the sensible thing and threw them into the combat pit armed only with a switchblade and their wits. Only this ended up with a draw (and some [...]

March 29, 2020 Album Reviews