New Band of the Day: Burden of Sanity

Burden of Sanity

Loitering around Florida, trying to brighten the place up are Burden of Sanity. A four-piece whose “mission is 100% peace, love and harmony”.

However, don’t expect a bunch of tree-hugging hippy crap. Despite the ethos, they do rock! Their EP, Decimate, is available as a free download on ReverbNation and they have a bunch of stuff up on SoundCloud and facebook with a pretty cool video up on YouTube (see below).

Their sound is fairly mainstream heavy rock, with a bit of a prog feel at times and the occasional burst into something a little angrier (I’m thinking Killswitch?). I only have one real problem and that’s the fact that lead singer Jervis’s vocals are often too quiet in the mix and get buried under the instruments.

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