Khors release new single and announce new album

Khors just released the lyrics video for their new song "Extinct Candles of Dead Cities". It is extracted from their upcoming album Letters to the Future Self which will be released on the French label Drakkar Productions later this year. The date is not specified yet. As they are from, and still living, in Ukraine, … Continue reading Khors release new single and announce new album

Album Review: Khors – Where the Word Acquires Eternity

Українська версія рецензії: Daily Metal. And so, here we are. Despite this discreet, insidious mayhem going on with the pandemic, nothing seems to stop the Ukrainian black metal scene and it's good to see not everything is falling apart. I mean, almost not. So far and just this year, there was Goatreich's first release which … Continue reading Album Review: Khors – Where the Word Acquires Eternity

Interview: Khaoth of Khors

Українська версія рецензії: Daily Metal Following the big news from Khors earlier this month we decided, together with our Ukrainian partners from Daily Metal, to ask them a few questions about their impending opus. You just announced details about your upcoming full-length album, Where the Word Acquires Eternity. You dedicated it to the Slovo House … Continue reading Interview: Khaoth of Khors

Khors announce new album

This morning, Ukrainians Khors unveiled more details about their long-awaited upcoming album. Here's an extract of the band's statement: Our 7th full-length Where the Word Acquires Eternity is a concept album dedicated to the events that took place in our native city of Kharkiv in the 30s of the XX century – the times called Renaissance … Continue reading Khors announce new album

2019 Crew Review: Eduinaluca – Writer

Have I already said I hated the end of the year festivities? Exhausted, sick and grinchy me now delivers the year review. Albums: It was not a productive year for me when it came to publishing articles, a total of six. Yet it was for my favorite label Ashen Dominion. Their release Sheen and Misery … Continue reading 2019 Crew Review: Eduinaluca – Writer

2018 Crew Review: Eduinaluca – Writer

It is a lazy morning in Espoo, Finland as I write my 2018 review while sipping my hot chocolate and listening to Khors' "Winterfall". Incidentally, I rank their latest EP, Beyond the Bestial, as the best of 2018. I had been following this band closely for a little while then this EP just happened as a … Continue reading 2018 Crew Review: Eduinaluca – Writer