Album Review: Netherhall – Process

There is rarely a bad year when you are reviewing music. For every struggle, there seems to be a gem that is tucked away, a band that provides assurance that those hours of listening and trying to find the right words are worth it. Having seen Birmingham’s Netherhall on a couple of occasions in the … Continue reading Album Review: Netherhall – Process

Badgerfest 2021 interview: Netherhall

The Moshville Times had a delegation of staff attending this year's Badgerfest with thirty five bands in attendance over a three day period in Manchester. Shells of Moshville Times, Bracken Hake and Ricky of Moshville Times had the best time ever with a very warm, friendly and welcoming Manchester metal scene. To show that this is … Continue reading Badgerfest 2021 interview: Netherhall

Bloodstock 2021 Video Interview: Netherhall

Brummies Netherhall had an early start to open the day's Sophie stage. With admiration for headliner Devin Townsend's commitment to appear at the festival, they talk about rough plans for a new album and history with the festival. As their first show in two years and Mark vouching for them that the nerves weren't on … Continue reading Bloodstock 2021 Video Interview: Netherhall

Video: Netherhall – Ruminate

Netherall were one of the first bands that I had interviewed online and it was an absolute pleasure to find a band that plays brilliant progressive metal. Hailing from the home of heavy metal, Birmingham, this four piece have used this lockdown constructively and written songs that easily surpass anything that they have ever done … Continue reading Video: Netherhall – Ruminate

Badgerfest 2021 interview – Netherhall

Netherhall are the next band to be interviewed that are going to play Badgerfest 2021 in October next year in Manchester. Like every other band, Netherhall were on the crest of a wave before Covid came in but, rest assured, they are using this downtime constructively and are already working on their debut album. Netherhall … Continue reading Badgerfest 2021 interview – Netherhall

HRH Metal 2019 Interview: Netherhall

Prior to their performance at HRH Metal, I had the opportunity to catch up with Netherhall and discuss their upcoming plans and also some of their gear that they use. You’re playing HRH metal later on today, are you looking forward to it? We are indeed and can’t wait to hit the stage. It’s our … Continue reading HRH Metal 2019 Interview: Netherhall