2023 Crew Review: Mosh – Da Boss

I'm going to be honest, this year's roundup is going to be a challenge for me. In the past I've reviewed dozens of albums and gone to a similar number of gigs each year so my biggest problem has been narrowing it down. This year, though, has been a struggle. Between real life, work, studies … Continue reading 2023 Crew Review: Mosh – Da Boss

Mosh interviews… Julia and Manuel of Kontrust

A new album out, and some of their biggest shows ever taking place over the last year. What are Kontrust's plans now that madworld has been released (and reviewed here)? I wasn't expecting Jula to jump into the interview, so that was a pleasant surprise! Despite a little delay in the sound (I guess it's … Continue reading Mosh interviews… Julia and Manuel of Kontrust

Album Review: Kontrust – madworld

It seems like ages since we covered Kontrust. And seeing as it's been nine years, one singer and a drummer since their last album I guess that's forgiveable. But can we forgive them for taking nine years to thrust madworld upon us? Oh, wow, yes. This is eclectic bubblegum crossover silliness at its finest. Kontrust were always a … Continue reading Album Review: Kontrust – madworld

Interview: Kontrust’s Agata Jarosz

[avatar user="Mosh" size="50" align="left" /]With their fourth album, Explositive, out recently I had the chance to throw a few questions at vocalist Agata about the band, their unique sound and their live performances... Your fourth album is just about upon is - have you had fun putting it together? Yes, we had a lot of fun this … Continue reading Interview: Kontrust’s Agata Jarosz

Review: Kontrust – Explositive

[avatar user="Mosh" size="50" align="left" /]Kontrust are one of the most entertaining bands I've discovered in the last couple of years and I was very impressed with their Second Class Wonderland album - enough to make them Band of the Day a year ago. Explositive is already out, being released a week or so ago depending on where … Continue reading Review: Kontrust – Explositive

New Kontrust album on the way

Kontrust are back with a brand new album and have just revealed the title, artwork, track listing & release dates. Explositive will bring the muscles to twitch and the nerve pathways to explode! With rapid rhythms, catchy slogans, brutal guitars and angular riffs Kontrust are back with their fourth album! Explositive is set to explode on … Continue reading New Kontrust album on the way