Album Review: Kontrust – madworld

It seems like ages since we covered Kontrust. And seeing as it’s been nine years, one singer and a drummer since their last album I guess that’s forgiveable. But can we forgive them for taking nine years to thrust madworld upon us?

Oh, wow, yes. This is eclectic bubblegum crossover silliness at its finest. Kontrust were always a band with bonkers music and madworld continues the wonderful tradition. Musically they’re tight as a particularly sexually sought-after gnat, but they don’t stick to the rules. Kontrust are just fun designed to come out of your speakers.

Twin vocals throughout, including newbie Julia, stomping rhythms, a little bit of backing electronica and some solid riffage pervade every song along with more hooks than a major fishing resort. The closest thing to a “traditional” rock song is probably “the end” and even that has their personality stamped all over it by neon Dr Martens. They don’t let you forget that they hail from Austria, either. “lederhosen overkill” manages to squeeze in some yodelling just in case you didn’t think the whole thing wasn’t hatstand enough as it is.

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“criminal” is an absolute thumper, “pulling” will have you bouncing, and “u.f.i.u.” contains swearies for the particularly rebellious. And that’s me only telling you about half of the album.

In fairness, I can’t see madworld converting anyone. If you didn’t like Kontrust before then there’s no hope for you. If, however, you rode the Kontrust Klown Kar a decade ago then you’ll be more than happy to find that they’ve fitted it with new tyres. And a silly horn.

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madworld is out on November 3rd

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November 7, 2023 11:05 PM

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