Album Review: Epitaphe – II

A gentle acoustic guitar leads into a three-minute song which conjures up visions of summer breezes, warm, hazy days and the echoes of those carefree moments that pass as fleetingly as clouds in the blue skies. It’s a mesmerising start to the sophomore album by French progressive death-doom metal act Epitaphe. Called “Sycomore”, it is … Continue reading Album Review: Epitaphe – II

2019 Crew Review: Ricky Fleming – Reviewer/Interviewer

For me, 2019 has been one hell of a year both on and off the park, as they say in football, but that doesn't even begin to explain how big a year 2019 was in metal. A sad demise, with the unlikely chance of witnessing the metal institution that is Slayer on the live front, … Continue reading 2019 Crew Review: Ricky Fleming – Reviewer/Interviewer

Album review: Epitaphe – I

A personal highlight and something that I take to heart is when a band contacts you and asks for a review of their follow up recording as they value your opinion. I had the pleasure of being contacted by Epitaphe back in 2018 after releasing their first demo where I stated that "Epitaphe’s strength is … Continue reading Album review: Epitaphe – I

Interview: Epitaphe

Over the last few months, I have reviewed a number of releases from up and coming to more established acts from France and I have found that I have enjoyed all of them. Bands like Mercyless have been flying the flag for French extreme metal for more than twenty years and encourage more bands to come out of … Continue reading Interview: Epitaphe

Review: Epitaphe – Demo MMXVII

Epitaphe are a band from Grenoble in the proximity of the French Alps who ply their trade in the death metal category and have just released their first demo, Demo MMXVII, to high acclaim. It has taken the band just over a year to get together, rehearse and define their sound to unleash to the masses, and on … Continue reading Review: Epitaphe – Demo MMXVII