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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Review: Symphony X / Myrath / Melted Space – The Garage. 16th February 2016

There are bands out there, when you are a fan of a particular genre you cannot dislike. To me Symphony X is one of these bands with fans of power metal, this was my first time seeing them and t12779242_10209106084996398_7369914726134847436_ohe excitement was quite grand!

The show opened with the French band Melted Space. With 3 vocalists (clear female, clear male and growling male) which sometimes sang together and other times separately gave alot of variety in the vocal ranges. the songs were catchy and often quite Eluveitie-like. Except a few times when the voices were not fully in sync the music was very flowing and were a good opening band for the night. 8/10

Next comes 12514071_10209106096076675_69480032094514084_oMyrath all the way from Tunisia, a band I had listened to during one of those days where I scrolled through Youtube’s random music acts, the band were in a similar style to Orphaned Land with a middle-eastern touch to great power music, the band kept me wanting more at every song and kept a good variety in their songs, with a main singer and a backing arabian vocal,  if the mighty Symphony X hadn’t been next, I can say I would have been happy to see them as a headline, they definitely have a new fan. 10/10

And now for the main act, the great Symphony X.  For this “Underworld tour” they have decided to play the entire album with older songs at the end of the set. Even though I was not entirely familiar wit12716409_10209106085756417_4491015340964240127_oh the latest album, the set was a real pleasure. The album is powerful and follows a greatly intriguing story. which made the concert feel nearly cinematic. Big highlights would be the Ballad “Without You”, but I always see live ballads as special moments, surely the power metal love side effect; and to “To Hell and Back” which gave me a very special live feeling that not very many songs can give me.  The old school songs at the end were obviously very enjoyable and fun to sing to. The band kept the crowd going the whole show, and even if most weren’t familiar with “Underworld” everyone was invested and kept wanting more. Overall another great Power metal show. Symphony X were only an additional proof that there really is no such thing as a Bad power metal band, Or a bad power metal show! 10/10

Photos by Mel Hutin.

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