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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Gig Review: Carach Angren / Wolfheart / Thy Antichrist – Audio, Glasgow (July 4th, 2019)

There’s few genres of music that give me the feelings that melodic death metal shows. Even though I have not seen that many, to me they are all unforgettable experiences and tonights was shaping up to be no different. I [...]

July 19, 2019 Gig Reviews

Band of the Day: Anonymous

Don’t you just love great discoveries? With today’s Band of the Day you’re sure to be satisfied!¬†Coming out of Staffordshire are the cool, bluesy, hard-rockers Anonymous, with a very relaxing old-school tone. The four-piece band are the perfect listen for [...]

May 22, 2017 Band of the Day

Band of the Day Revisited – Missiles of October

What time is it? Oh yes, discovery time! For today’s Band of the Day Revisited, Missiles of October, we dive into a mad mix of punk, grunge, hardcore and hard rock with our Belgian metallers. Formed in 2012 they have [...]

April 26, 2017 Band of the Day

Band of the Day – The Spitfires

Time for our Band of the Day moment! Today we treat ourselves to The Spitfires, the four piece metal band from London. Their first few singles cracked with an energy of seeds being sown but their debut album Response in [...]

April 25, 2017 Band of the Day

Band of the Day: Ron Moor

Don’t you love to discover music from your own country? For today’s Band of the Day I present to you French Rockers Ron Moor. With catchy riffs, enchanting melodies and a particular voice which cannot be mistaken once heard, they’re [...]

April 14, 2017 Band of the Day

Haken / The Algorithm / Next To None – O2 ABC 2, Glasgow (23rd March 2017)

Even after being part of this scene for a few years, my discoveries are never ending. This time around, it was prog metal’s turn to assault my eardrums, and I was rather looking forward to it. While I don’t know [...]

March 25, 2017 Gig Reviews