Band of the Day – Caskets

Band of the day is Caskets. Think thick slabs of Alice in Chains stoner-esque riffs, punctuated by bursts of Mastodon aggression. If that sounds good to you then get on board. Check out their latest four track EP II.

The band caught my attention purely because of their Alice in Chains influence. As we have just witnessed the anniversary of Layne Staley’s death, I thought we should consider Caskets and see what they have to offer.

Their tracks can be crowd-chanting catchy tunes. The good news is they’re not an AIC rip off nor are they trying to be one. There are elements of Tool within what they offer the universe. They’ve been touring hard around the venues of London, building a fanbase, improving their sound.

Caskets are:

  • Laurence Bowers (drums)
  • Dylan Perryman (guitars)
  • Saul Perryman (bass/vocals)
  • Dominic Powers (guitars)

Caskets: facebook | instagram | bandcamp

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