Vukovi / CRITICS / Donnie Willow – King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow (10th March 2017)

It was the first night of Vukovi’s UK headline tour, leaving the venue packed. Although King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut is quite a small venue, the drastic amount of people made it seem much bigger. People had started queuing at roughly 6:45pm, filling the downstairs bar with excitement and anticipation. It seemed as though the queue was moving at two people per ten minutes, but it eventually died down, leaving the bar yet again in it’s usual, peaceful state.

The first band to grace the stage were Scottish rock/alternative band, Donnie Willow, starting the show with an upbeat setlist and plenty of energy. The crowd started off swaying before clapping their hands to the beat of their energetic sound. Plenty of jumping around and audience participation was involved, making the band seem humble and down to earth. They had a mix of songs on their set list, including a couple that were quite personal to the band and a bit slower. Definitely worth a listen!

The next band to take on the King Tuts stage were dirt-pop group CRITICS, who had travelled all the way from London to join Vukovi on their UK tour. Continuing to deliver excitement to the crowds, their refreshing, unique sound had further grabbed the crowd’s attention. Some were even shouting back lyrics to a few of their songs, myself included. They had spoken about how much they love Glasgow as a city and cracked a couple of jokes between songs, making me feel quite comfortable within the crushing crowd. The band made it evident that they were more than happy to be on tour with Vukovi and seemed very grateful to come to Glasgow. Seeming bubbly and energetic, it encouraged me to listen to plenty more of their material!

It was about half an hour later, the crowd had gone quiet before bursting into cheers and screams. Then Vukovi appeared underneath the coloured lights and kept up the energy within the crowd. All in all, it was definitely one of the best gigs I’ve been to this year so far!

Vukovi:  official | facebook | twitter | bandcamp

CRITICS:  official | facebook | twitter

Donnie Willow: official | facebooktwitter | bandcamp

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