Band of the Day: Celestial Wish

Celestial Wish - Our CreationDaniel Carpenter is one half of Celestial Wish, being the guitarist and orchestral composer. The other half of the combo is Saneeta Ram who writes the lyrics and then sings them remarkably well indeed.

The band’s name does sound kind of gothic/symphonic metal-y and this indeed ties up with their actual output. I’ve only heard a couple of their tracks including the title track from the recently-released Our Creation EP, but what I’ve heard is pretty good. Well within the genres, but without sounding overly generic and very catchy.

There’s a great mixture of sounds on there as well, and as I said Saneeta doesn’t half know how to sing. She’s got the perfect voice for this kind of music. You can see the lyric video for “Our Creation” below.

Rich Smith (or Powerquest and IamI) joins them on drums for the EP, and does – as ever – a great job.

Other than the fact that they’re based in Birmingham, I don’t have an awful lot more information about the band, I’m afraid. If the sample tickles your fancy, you can get the EP on CD through their bigcartel page, or through iTunes.

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