New Band of the Day: Aonia

Aonia (2013) [photo (c) Matt Coldwell]
Aonia (2013) [photo (c) Matt Coldwell]
A cunning ploy for getting people to hear about your band is to use its name as part of your own on facefart. Such is how I discovered Aonia via their lead singer (well, one of them), Melissa.

Now, there are plenty of female-fronted rock acts out there. But Aonia goes one better and gives you two chicks up front. Ha! Mel (with her Honours in fine vocals as part of her degree) shares singing duties with the classically trained colorartura soprano Joanne.

They’re backed up with some quality keys, skins and strings to form a genuinely “operatic” operatic metal group. Not just “we sing some high notes, so we’ll say we’re operatic”, actually operatic.

Formed in 2010, they have one EP out (City of Shadows) which came out in 2011. They seem to play a lot of live shows as well, mainly around their home base of Worksop, UK. Fitting these in with “proper” day jobs, theatre commitments and so on shows a bunch of people who really are into their band.

Check them out on facefart and via their official page which has a ton of photos, band info and upcoming gig dates as well as the all-important link to buy the EP!

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