New Band of the Day: Garagedays

Garagedays (2013)
Garagedays (2013)

Yes, that’s all one word – “Garagedays” as opposed to “Garage Days”, probably as Lars Ulrich and his litigious friends would sue them for using part of an album name for their band.

Garagedays reside in Rattenberg, Austria (I think the first Austrian band in NBotD, but don’t quote me) and play “HEAVY FUCKING METAL LIKE A FIST IN YOUR FACE”. Hey, I don’t write this crap. Well, I write most of this crap. But that bit was from their facefart bio.

Formed in 2005, they’re on Massacre Records and have released four demos and a full length album (Dark and Cold). They have another album (Passion of Dirt) due out shortly.

Their official website has a fair bit of stuff about them, including a link to a new track, photos, downloads and other stuff.

Musically, they’re a great blend of classic metal and thrash. Brutal, simple and very easy to get into. “I’m Your Hate”, below, is a perfect example. Give it a listen – it’s a belter!

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