Band of the Day: Drifter

Another new (probably) band for you, this one from the US of A. Kick back and read as Drifter tell us all about themselves…

Where are you guys from?

Joe: Were based out of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

How did you meet?

Mark: I met Monto and Jon from working at a music store and he asked us if we wanted to join his band. I knew Fil and Joe for a long time from high school so I asked them if they wanted to complete the roster.

How long have you guys been a band?

Jon: Roughly two years. Monto used to play guitar in previous line-ups, although we’re re-branding the band and want to start as a clean slate.

Where does band name come from?

Monto: We wanted a name that captured the aggressive, dark, and southern nature of the band. We felt the name Drifter captured just that.

What are your influences?

Fil: Metallica, Pomegranate Tiger, Trash Talk, Smash Mouth, Revocation, Plini, TSA, and David Maxim Micic.

Monto: The Fall of Troy, The Bled, Norma Jean, Architects, Bones, The Weeknd, The Blood Brothers, Fear Before, Chiodos, Saosin, Some Girls, Blink 182, and Taking Back Sunday.

Jon. Architects, Norma Jean, Stick to Your Guns, The Wiggles, and Bring Me The Horizon.

Mark: Mr. Bungle, Bones, Oceans Ate Alaska, Architects, Bring Me The Horizon, Rise Against, Dream Theater, La Dispute, Pantera, System of a Down, and My Chemical Romance.

Joe: In my childhood’s years 80s thrash and speed metal, Megadeth, Metallica, Iron Maiden, etc. since I was born. Later on I fell in love with The Misfits, My Chemical Romance and anything dark and theatrical.

Describe your music what makes you unique?

Monto: We feel like the market is oversaturated with progressive djent bands. Which is not a bad thing, we all love progressive artist. We just feel like breaking the expected mold by mixing some elements of older metalcore with some of the newer production techniques. We also try to be colourful through dissonance, which gives us this dark and contrasting but complimentary vibe.

Do you have lyrical themes?

Monto: Most of the album is about becoming darker as a society. There’s themes of betrayal, revenge, redemption, loss of loved ones from substance abuse, and many more darker themes.

What’s your live show like?

Fil: We tend to go pretty berserk during live shows and try to keep the energy as high as possible. Monto swings the mic around, sometimes we play dodgeball with the crowd. Definitely wear some headgear if you come.

Whats the wildest thing you’ve done on stage?

Mark: We throw dodgeballs at the crowd sometimes.

What kit/ guitar/ equipment do you use?

  • Monto: I use an E935 Sennheiser microphone that I taped up because I swing the mic around like crazy live.
  • Jon: I use a Line 6 Helix Amp Modeler with an Orange halfstack for power with a Chapman guitar.
  • Joe: I also use a Line 6 Helix Amp Modeler with a Randal half stack for power and a Gibson SG 1961 Reissue guitar.
  • Fil: Axe Fx Ultra amp modeler with a Peavey amp for power and Fender Aerodyne bass.
  • Mark: Pdp x7 drums, Sabian cymbals, and DW hardware.

What are you promoting at the moment?

Joe: Our new EP The Howling and music video for our single “Black Mamba”.

What are your plans for 2018?

Monto: We’re just going to keep playing shows, promoting this EP, and potentially start writing a full length album. We want to also possibly do a small tour in the summer.

Drifter: facebook | twitter | instagram

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