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Review: Mortiis – The Great Deceiver

Mortiis - The Great DeceiverFormed back in 1993 Mortiis have used the musical influences of industrial rock and ambient music to give the band their own unique sound. Following a hiatus between 2011 and 2015 they are now back on their feet with a new album entitled The Great Deceiver. This upcoming album will be the band’s ninth with themes of anger, greed, confusion and self-doubt that run throughout while still keeping to their industrial rock roots. Complete with catchy riffs and powerful vocal style alongside heavy and hard-hitting drums, everything comes together in a way that can only be described as successful.

One track on the album that stands out for me is entitled “The Ugly Truth”, a track complete with quick drums and quick but catchy riffs that open things up. The vocals are dark which goes well with the misery-themed lyrics and make this track overall moody yet catchy.

“Hard to Believe” is the fifth track on the album where beautiful soft riffs get things going, accompanies by a softer vocal style which fits flawlessly with the track, but again the lyrics still stick with the dark themes adding a cloudy ambience to the track. As the song progresses the softer riffs meet heavier riffs and hard-hitting raw sounding powerful drums combine beautifully to provide a fantastic mixture of art that is just perfect.

Another track that is worth a mention has got to be “Road to Ruin”, a more industrial rock sounding song which mixes with the more ambient style that the band are also known to have. This combination gives the track a beautiful, interesting and unique sound. Again the track also has catchy, dark and powerful lyrics and vocals to match, with lots of things happening throughout which gives a very mixed sound which works brilliantly, with added depth and darkness.

The album itself is overall a brilliant piece of art complete with powerful musical style and added darkness. The power of the lyrics and the vocal styles gives this album raw and creative energy which works flawlessly.

The Great Deceiver is out on March 4th and Mortiis will be touring at the end of May

Mortiis: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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